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FINA WL Super Final: Budapest welcomes 8 women's water polo nations

Water Polo World League Super Final Women 2019
RUSSIA 19 CANADA 17 (penalty shoot-out)
Results & Teams

Day 1 4 June, 2019

Game 1. RUS Russian Federation vs. CAN Canada 19-17 (3-3, 4-3, 1-5, 7-4, penalty shoot-out 4-2)

Referees: Mr. Moller, Ms. Dutilh-Dumas

Goal/shot: RUS 19/43 CAN 17/36

Action goal/action shots RUS 4/18 CAN 10/19

Extra Man: RUS 6/11 CAN 4/9

Penalty: RUS 5/6 CAN 2/4

RUSSIA: Verkhogliadova Anastasiia - Bersneva Maria (2), Prokofieva Ekaterina (2), Karimova Elvina (2), Tolkunova Tatiana (1), Gorbunova Olga (1), Serzhantova Alena (3), Simanovich Anastasiia (3), Timofeeva Anna (1), Soboleva Evgeniia, Ivanova Evgeniia (2), Gerzanich Daria (2), Karnaukh Anna.

CANADA: Gaudreault Jessica, Alogbo Krystina (2), Sohi Gurpreet Kaur (2), Wright Emma Louise (4), Eggens Monika Catharina (3), McKee Kelly Blair, Bekhazi Joelle (1), Axelle Crevier (2), McKelvey Hayley Ann (1), Christmas Kyra (4), Paul Kindred Ayre (3), Chantal Fournier Shae.


Shoot-out win opened Russian campaign in Budapest. The match against ever strong Canada was highlighted by a rain of goals. Surprises came on both ends as both sides managed to found resources to revive like Fenix at least twice to save up the intrigue to the very last.

Russian Anastasiia Simanovich and Canadian Krystina Alogbo got the game started, leaving goaltenders at a loss after their center shots. Then Kyra Christmas and Mokina Eggens, Maria Berseneva and Anna Timofeeva traded points to tie the first quarter to 3-3. Both teams were open defensively, allowing many chances to score for their opponent side.

The second period brought 7 more hits. The most beautiful goal was engineered by Tatiana Tolkunova, sending home a long 6m rocket to set 7-6 in favor of her team.

The third period broke the predictable game’s flow as the “Maple Leaves” found keys to the “Red machine”.

Hayley McKelvey in extra, Emma Wright and Axelle Crevier in action shone bright netting 3 to go, 7-9. Ekaterina Prokofieva replied once just to concede two. Russian coaches turned red in anger, hastening to look for the remedy to save up the game. They did it right in time opening the last period as their team reduced the gap, then tied up and went 1 up. Standing close to the normal time victory, they did not cope with Monika Eggens of Canada, showing style in powerplay, 15-15. The penalty shoot-out was booked and eventually brought luck to Russia, which commenced it with a miss and then was always a hit. Canada failed to net twice to see a stressful 19-17 end of the opener, which earned Russia 2 and left them 1 to count for the chart.


Ekaterina Prokofieva, captain of the team Russia, 2 goals, MVP of the Match:

It was a very difficult start for us, and my compliments to our Canadian challengers which are very strong indeed. To be honest, we had a lot of problems in our game both defensively and offensively, and we are going to analyse our problems now to come away with a good portion of experience after this hardly deserved win. We never gave up, which was our key to the victory, however, we realized, that our opponents could have won as well.

Cora Campbell, coach of the team Canada:

We expected a though and a fast game. The Russian team has a very fast counter-defense, which they normally play, and also a very hard counter-attack to deal with. In the third quarter, we missed a number of good chances, which is a good food for us to analyze. We have made a few hours more practicing on our conter-defense, we had been working on that more than on anything else, so the eventual loss was not about our defense, but for the Russians which were pretty good.

We have to adapt to the new rules, to the speed of the game. Thanks to the new rules, we have more goals, and I like it a lot. It gets more interesting to the spectators to watch. We have more opportunities, more freedom to move, to be a little more creative, which is so nice.

Andrey Belofastov, coach of the team Russia:

The first two quarters went pretty well, we had been competitive against Canadians. In the third quarter, our opponents managed to speed up and strengthen their play, so we 1-4 down. It was difficult to revive, but we have managed to find he right words to drive the girls forward. Of course, 5m shoot-out is a lottery, but we have managed to win it. Irrelevant of the score, it is always good to get it launched with a win.

My congratulations to Ekaterina Prokofieva, who has really deserved the Player of the Match award. She is the team captain and does her job really well.

Results & Teams

Day 1 4 June, 2019

Game 2. NED Netherlands vs. CHN People's Republic of China 15-7 (4-2, 4-2, 3-3, 4-0)

Referees: Mr.Willis, Ms. Dreval

Goal/shot: NED 15/30 CHN 7/31

Action goal/action shots: NED 8/13 CHN 5/23

Extra Man: NED 2/8 CHN 2/6

Penalty: NED 2/3 CHN 0/0

NETHERLANDS: Aarts Laura - Megens Maud (3), Genee Dagmar (1), Van der Sloot Sabrina, Wolves Iris (3), Stomphorst Nomi (1), Rogge Bente (1), Sevenich Vivian (1), Keuning Maartje (2), Koolhaas Ilse (1), Van der Kraats Simone (2), Sleeking Brigitte, Koenders Joanne.

CHINA: Peng Lin - Wang Xinyan (1), Mei Xiaohan, Xiong Dunhan, Niu Guinnan (2), Guo Ning, Lu Yiwen (1), Zhang Cong (1), Zhao Zihan (1), Zhang Danyi (1), Chen Xiao, Nong Sanfeng, Dong Wenxin.


In the opener in the group A, reigning European and defending silver World League vice-champion Netherlands thundered past China in 3 out of 4 periods at Duna Arena of Budapest. Chinese found no effective solutions to stop the outstanding offense of the Dutch, however they tried hard and stayed in the game till the last moments.

Maud Megens and Iris Wolves contributed 3 points each for the “Orange” while Guinnan Niu was top scorer on the Asian side with 2 “kills”.

The group favorites decided to take command of the match in the opening period, putting a lot of pressure on the Chinese defense. Asians did what they could, causing opponents a lot of problems, as they did not let them construct easily a gap between the two. They got enough energy to respond by 2 goals of Xinyuan Wang and Zhang Cong to 4 “doughnuts” to match all tastes by the Netherlands (Rogge, Stomphorst, Keuning and Wolves).

In the second, it was not a quick affair as the Dutch could neither march past full court pressing staged by Chinese, nor demonstrate their scoring skills. During the first minute Megens Maud in action and Zihan Zhao in extra exchanged mercies, and there came a lot of “dry” swimming for fully 5 minutes to go. Guinnan Niu reduced the gap to one point, but it was utmost the Chinese managed to obtain. Megens Maud converted 5m and netted one in action, Genee Dagmar shone bright individually, moving her team 4 up after the first half, 8-4.

Dali Gong coached side nourished hope for a revival after Iris Wolves and Maartje Keuning did not cope completing “5m standards”. Guinnan Niu again, backed by Danyi Zhang and Yiwen Liu killed their birds in the Dutch goals, 9-7. However, it was too late for the Chinese for the momentum. The favorites, kept silent for 4 minutes, emerged victorious on style. Maud Megens and Vivian Sevenich set everything back on the “right” track, 11-7. And the final buzzer sealed their nation’s win at 15-7.


Maud Megens, forward of the team Netherlands, 3 goals, MVP of the Match:

It was really a very good start. We tried to pay much attention to our defense, keeping our opponents on low score, and I think we did a good job as a team. Now we can focus on tomorrow’s match against Italy, which will be very interesting indeed. We know each other well as we met them many times already, and I hope, if we can play the same way as we did today, we can beat them. It would be important for us to improve the game each day, because that would lead to a great result at the end of the week.

Arno Havenga, head coach of the team Netherlands:

To play in this Arena is one of the most beautiful moments for the girls, the venue is amazing and this is a difficult tournament with all high-class teams.

This wasn’t an easy game against China, we had to work much harder from now on to get improved. However, tomorrow we are facing Italy, which will be an absolutely different game, a European team with top quality players. We know each other pretty well, we played against them in March in Turin at the Europa Cup. But this is a new situation, and we have to prepare for tomorrow as much as we can.

Dali Gong, head coach of the team China:

It was a very difficult game. We tried to do our best to stay competitive against a very strong opponent. I don’t think we played defensively very well. Full court pressing was not done on a good quality. We had a lot of chances to score, and we missed a good number of them. This means our forwards did not have their best day. My compliments to the team Netherlands, they have really deserved the win.

Results & Teams

Day 1 4 June, 2019

Game 4. USA United States of America vs. HUN Hungary 12-9 (2-3, 4-1, 2-2, 4-3)

Referees: Mr.Severo, Ms.Johnson

Goal/shot: USA 12/33 HUN 9/25

Action goal/action shots: USA 7/21 HUN 2/7

Extra Man: USA 3/10 HUN 2/6

Penalty: USA 1/1 HUN 3/4

USA: Johnson Ashleigh – Musselman Madeline (2), Seidemann Melissa (1), Fattal Rachel (1), Hauschild Paige (1), Steffens Margaret (1), Neushul Jamie, Neushul Kiley (1), Fischer Aria (1), Haralabidis Stephanie (2), Fischer Makenzie (2), Williams Alys (1), Longan Amanda.

HUN: Gangl Edina – Szilagyi Dorottya (3), Rybanska Natasa, Gurisatti Gréta, Parkes Rebecca (1), Horváth Brigitta, Illes Anna, Kesthelyi Rita (4), Valyi Vanda (1), Gyöngyössy Anikó, Tóth-csabai Dóra, Garda Krisztina, Kaso Orsolya.


Overall champion the USA produced an unexpectedly modest performance for the opening at the 2019 FINA Women’s World League Super Final in Budapest. They defeated Hungary before an enthusiastic home crowd at Duna Arena by just 3 goals. Magiyars displayed character and strong will, however could not come close to the leaders.

Hungarians deserved many compliments at start as they launched in a 2-0 lead early in the beginning. With a relative ease Dorottya Szilagyi scored in action and Rita Keszthelyi converted her 5m chance. Aria Fischer produced a power center shot, reaching its destination, just to see astonishingly one more goal to come – which was actually as a home set extra story engineered and performed by the Hungarian best gun, 1-3 for the hosts. Stephanie Haralabidis converted extra one minute to go in the first quarter and USA started the second inheriting an unusual chasers role in the event, 2-3.

Immediately after the break, a birthday girl Margaret Steffens served to Rachel Fattal to kill powerplay and draw level the chances, 3-3. Complacency slipped into their opponent’s game allowing two more action goals for Alys Williams and Stephanie Haralabidis. Rita Keszthelyi Ramirez starred converting the penalty for 5-4, and Kiley Neushul could not, 6-4 for the US – after the second quarter. 

At one period remaining in the competition, the gap preserved unchanged, 8-6.

Adam Krikorian coached side however was either far from being reached or hit by the opponent. "Black panther" Ashleigh Johnson knew her job pretty well and resembled full control of the situation. Hungary tried hard, but USA registered their first win at their place, 12-9.

Captain Rita Keszthelyi produced “poker” for her nation while Madie Mussleman and Makenzie Fischer finished on 2 goals apiece for the USA.


Adam Krikorian, head coach of the team USA:

It was a difficult game, and we could expect it would be so difficult. All teams in the Super Final of Budapest are very strong. For us it was the first game during 6 months with this roster, when we play together as a team. Today's match showed that there is a long way for us to go to great results, so we will work on our shortcomings. Hungarian team stayed competitive for quite long, they were leading in the first quarter. That confirms what I have just said before. We should not underestimate our opponents, all teams are thirsty for wins and are well ready to give us a good fighting.

Madeline Musselman, forward of the team USA, 2 goals, MVP of the Match:

The match was really a fun. We haven't been playing together for that long and there's a long year behind us. It was a great opportunity to exhibit together, especially against Super Final’s host Hungary. It's always exciting to play in Hungary, the crowd always makes an amazing atmosphere.

Of course, we want to win the tournament, because it means you win a ticket to the 2020 Olympic Games, which is absolutely our ultimate goal. At the end of the day, however, we just want to play our best and show the others how good we can be.

Attila Bíró, head coach of the team Hungary:

I have positive impressions after the game against USA, in spite of the fact that we could not win. We have forced the best team of the world to play hard, although we have no way been flawless. Practically our opponent forced us to miss penalty shots and action goals. We have lost, but in terms of figures and statistics, the result is quite acceptable for us. We shall be working hard to get prepared for the next matches. 

Edina Gangl, goalkeeper of the team Hungary:

Let me congratulate our opponents on the win. It was pretty hard to play against them. The match is lost, however I can see a number of positive features in our game. One of them is it seems to me that we have been effectively blocking. We can be glad as well that we hit nine goals to Ashleigh Johnson, one of the strongest goaltenders ever. Hope, we will have a better luck the next games.

Results & Teams

Day 1 4 June, 2019

Game 3. AUS Australia vs. ITA Italy 9-11 (3-2, 3-5, 2-2, 1-2)

Referees: Mr. Ohme, Ms. Dabbagihan

Goal/shot: AUS 9/29 ITA 11/29

Action goal/action shots: AUS 2/15 ITA 5/16

Extra Man: AUS 5/10 ITA 6/10

Penalty: AUS 0/1 ITA 0/0

AUSTRALIA: Hedges Lilian – Gofers Keesja (2), Buckling Hannah (2), Halligan Bronte (1), Bishop Isobel (2), Knox Bronwen (1), Webster Rowie, Arancini Zoe (1), Mihailovic Lena, Armit Elle, Steere Madeleine, Longman Geneieve.

ITALY: Gorlero Giulia – Tabani Chiara, Garibotti Arianna (3), Avegno Silvia (2), Querolo Elisa, Aiello Rosaria, Picozzi Domitilla, Bianconi Roberta (2), Marcialis Carolina, Palmieri Valeria (2), Chiappini Isabella (2), Viacava Giulia, Lavi Frederica.


As expected, Aussie Stingers put up a decent fight against “Sette Rossa” in the day’s final game at the Duna Arena of Budapest, on 4 June. Two nations boasting big history, names and traditions of winning undoubtedly missed winning on international floor in recent years. Both standing in need for the breakthrough, were willing to get it started right now and here.

9 times World League medalists initially proved strong for the 5 time European champions. Fabio Conti coached side opened the score in the man up through Ariana Garibotti just to see Australians throwing 3 to go – one by Halligan Bronte counter-attacking, and two by Hannah Buckling in the powerplay. Sivilia Avegno cut back the difference at 24 second to the first break, 3-2. So the main fight was so far ahead.

In the second, Italy produced a 2-0 run to spill the milk on their statistics. Isabella Chiappini served by Arianna Garibotti, levelled the score at first, and then doubled the lead, moving the team 2 up, 4-2. Keejsa Gofers converted powerplay in the midst of the period, and then teams registered 3 goals apiece. Italians resqued their tiny advantage, 7-6, which was a good omen before the second half.

Industrious “Sette Rossa” expanded the gap to 3 early in the third period as Ariana Garibotti registered her third action goal, 9-6. Rowie Webster and Lena Mihailovic spared chances. The 7 minutes goal’s draught broke as Isabel Bishop netted two. The intrigue was back, 9-8, still for Italy. However, two goals by Roberta Bianconi confirmed their winning points. Zoe Arancini was the solo representative of the “Stigers” scoring in the fourth quarter, and their captain's still nerves trembled as she did not cope with the pressure on "the last hope 5m chance". 

The match finished at 11-9 in favor of Italy, earning 3 points to mark a good start of the Super Final in Budapest.


Fabio Conti, head coach of the team Italy:

We needed time to warm up and feel the game’s flow. It’s quite habitual for our team. But as we were going into the game, we could take control over the Australians. They are pretty good swimmers, they are powerful and physically strong, but our defense was exactly how we practiced. However, with the launch of the new rules we made a bit more faults than usual, drawing a lot of exclusions, which was definitely a drawback for our game.

Arianna Garibotti, forward of the team Italy, 3 goals, MVP of the Match:

Physically, it was a tough game as the Australians were a hard opponent to beat. Our stamina proved better at the end of the game, so we thank the new rules for the new opportunities. I like the way we played today, and it was the first step to reach our goal. Which goal? Of course, we are dreaming of the champion’s title and of the Olympic ticket. We do very much hope to get improved in the next games.

Predrag Mihailovic, head coach of the team Australia:

We finished 1 goal up after the first period, but it showed, that not everything goes well. Later we lost intensity, as a result, in the second and in the third quarters our opponents scored better than we did. They have deserved the win and we respect them a lot. We are still learning the new rules, which have done much good to the game. Definitely, it has become much faster, but we would need some more time to drill all options they unfold”

Keesja Gofers, forward of the team Australia, 2 goals:

The game was pretty hard. We did what we could, but could not earn 3 points. We shall draw the lesson out of our mistakes and forget it, as tomorrow will be a new opponent and a new game.


The scene is set for the 16th staging of the FINA Women’s World League Super Final – a tournament of 8 leading water polo squads, successfully done qualification hurdles and are well ready to promise here in the Hungarian capital a lot of goals, spectacular action and an amazing atmosphere.


Best women’s worlds squads under starters orders

FINA Women’s Water Polo World League - Super Final: everything you need to know for the 2019 tournament.

Water Polo World League Super Final Women 2019

ASWS, Barcelona, day 3: Russia and Ukraine shine on final day

The final session in Barcelona did not disappoint this Sunday. The duet free routine, the mixed duet free routine and the team free routine closed the eighth leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series. It was the last stop of the circuit before the Super Final in Budapest (June 14-16).

Russia captured gold in the mixed duet and team free routines, while Ukraine won the gold medal with Marta Fiedina and Anastasiya Savchuk in the duet free routine.

Artistic Swimming World Series 2019

ASWS, Quebec City, Day 3: 2 Gold for Canada and 1 Gold for Japan

The 2019 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series in Quebec City, Canada came to its finale this Saturday with another day of creative, exciting, and high skilled routines. The events still to be contested were the Free Solo, Team Combo and Team Highlight. The competitive portion of the evening was followed by the Gala.

Artistic Swimming World Series 2019

PR 46 – FINA Champions Swim Series 2019 comes to an end in Indy as athletes love new concept

The inaugural edition of the FINA Champions Swim Series came to an end tonight (June 1) in Indianapolis, USA, after a three-leg circuit which stopped in Guangzhou (CHN), Budapest (HUN) and in the American city with a long swimming tradition.

Seventeen Olympic and 20 World champions (for a total of 50 of the world's best swimmers) battled it out at the iconic Indiana University (IU) Natatorium in 28 individual events and two mixed relays.

Press Releases 2019
Indianapolis, USA

CSS, Indianapolis, Day 2: Final edition of the FINA Champions Series ends strong in Indianapolis

A crowd of 1,500 spectators watched the world's best swimmers on the final evening of the FINA Champions Series at the Indiana University Natatorium. The swimmers were pumped up following an acrobatic performance of flips and handsprings by the Beale Street Flippers, part of the entertainment options that became a signature of the FCS.

Men's 200m Backstroke

Indianapolis, USA

ASWS, Barcelona, day 2: Ukraine shows its power and Russia wins mixed duet

The bar was high because the first day of competition had left great emotions, but this Saturday also left intense and exciting moments in Barcelona. Specially, for Ukraine. Marta Fiedina captured a gold medal with her solo free routine. Ukraine also dominated the highlight and the team combination while Russia took the gold medal at the mixed duet technical routine in the second day of competition in the eighth leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series.

Artistic Swimming World Series 2019

I am very satisfied: Pieter Timmers (BEL)

Following this morning’s meeting in Indianapolis during which 20 athletes were asked to share their views and opinion about the development of the sport and the professional direction it is taking as well as their preferred dates for next year’s Champions Swim Series, Belgium’s Pieter Timmers, 31, just finishing his morning training session admitted:

“It is the first time that I am taking part in a meeting like this one.”

Indianapolis, USA

FINA holds “FINA Swim Sport Entertainment” meeting in Indianapolis

FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu, FINA Vice President Dale Neuburger and FINA Technical Swimming Committe Chairwoman Carol Zaleski and Honorary Secretary Haoran Yuan, together with USA Swimming senior management, held a meeting this morning, June 1, in Indianapolis (USA) on the last day of the third and final leg of the FINA Champions Swim Series 2019.

Indianapolis, USA

ASWS, Quebec City, Day 2: China 2 and Japan 1 gold medal

With the spectator stands filled to the max, the excitement continued in the Desjardins Aquatic Centre in Quebec City, Canada on the second day of the seventh leg of the 2019 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series. Three gold medals were up for grabs today and the competition was fierce. Starting with the Free Duet event in which 11 duets were showcasing their routines. Displaying the most convincing routine was the duet from China. Xuechen Huang and Wenyan Sun achieved 94.5667 for their “Goddess of Hope” routine swum to music by Mei Lin Mao. 

Artistic Swimming World Series 2019