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18th FINA World Championships - Gwangju (KOR)17th FINA World ChampionshipWCC

High Diving, Day 2: Iffland wins thrilling duel with Jimenez

In quite an exciting final, it was needed to wait for the very last dive of the competition to know the outcome of the women’s high diving event at the FINA World Championships in Gwangju (KOR). And for just 0.15 points – the tiniest margin ever -, Rhiannan Iffland, from Australia, managed to revalidate her 2017 world title, beating, also for the second time in the FINA showcase Mexico’s Adriana Jimenez. Jessica Macaulay (GBR), taking part in her first World Championships, earned bronze.

World Championships 2019

Day 5 Men's Water Polo: Spain-Croatia, Hungary-Italy semifinals

World Championships 2019
Gwangju, South Korea
Match 31, 08:00, KOREA 17 NEW ZEALAND 16 in penalty shootout (FT: 12-12. Pens: 5-4)
Results & Teams

Match 31, 08:00, KOREA 17 NEW ZEALAND 16 in penalty shootout (FT: 12-12. Pens: 5-4)

Classification 15-16

Quarters: 3-3, 2-2, 4-5, 3-2

Referees: Jaume Teixido (ESP), Sebastien Dervieux (FRA).

Extra man: KOR: 3/8. NZL 5/7.

Penalties: KOR: 1/1.

Shot conversion: KOR: 12/27. NZL: 12/33.


KOREA: Jinwoo Lee, Donghyeok Kim (1), Byeongju Kim, Seonuk Lee (2), Daeyong Gwon (2), Seonggyu Lee (2), Yeonggyun Gwon (3), Moonsoo Kim (1), Miknjong Chu, Hyomin Han, Kangwon Seo, Jaehoon Song (1), Byeongyoung Jung. Head Coach: Kimura Go.

NEW ZEALAND: Sid Dymond, Matthew Lewis (4), Rowen Brown (1), Ryan Pike, Nicholas Stankovich, Matthew Small (1), Anton Sunde, Joshua Potaka, Sean Bryant (1), Matthew Bryant, Louis Clark (3), Sean Newcombe (2), Bae Fountain. Head Coach: Davor Carevic.


The joy of finals water polo is the closeness of matches, especially when it comes to final rankings. Korea played up to the occasion with the First Lady of Korea, Jung-sook Kim, waving her arms, clapping and getting heavily involved in the excitement. So close was the match that the score was level at every number to nine deep into the third quarter with the Kiwis nudging in their 10th goal to close the session. New Zealand progressed to 11-9 when Mathew Lewis claimed his fourth goal from a six-metre free throw. Yeonggyun Gwon brought one back and New Zealand suffered three consecutive non-exclusion calls at centre forward only for Seonuk Lee to counter and score for 11-11 at 3:16. Sean Newcombe made the most of an untimely Korean flying substitution, countering for the go-ahead goal at 1:30. Korea fumbled a ball on attack, New Zealand made a bad shot and at the other end Yeonggyun Gwon delighted the huge crowd with a magical blast from eight metres at 0:32 and 12-12, which led to the shootout. Korea slotted all five while the Kiwis’ second shot by Nicholas Stankovich collected the goalkeeper and bounced out. The whistle for Korea’s first shot came too early for Seonuk Lee, but he managed to supply a delayed shot and, surprisingly, it was allowed. For Korea, it was the first victory at its first World Championships. New Zealand was also 16th at its last visit to the World Championships in Barcelona 2013. Matthew Small topped the scoring for the Kiwis with eight and Korea’s Donghyeok Kim led his team with five.


Seung Jae Lee (KOR) — Head Coach

“Today my players did so well that we went on to the shootout. The First Lady, Jung-sook Kim, was here today, and I think we could win this game thanks to her support. I’m so thrilled!” 

Yeonggyun Gwon (KOR) —Three goals

“We couldn’t show our good performance in other games, but today I’m very happy that we did well and won this last game. Now I’m kind of old to remain as a national team member, so today’s game would be my last game. The victory was very meaningful to me in that sense.” 

Daeyong Gwon (KOR) — Two goals 

“I think we could score many goals today because every team-mate was very supportive of each other. I’m so happy that we made our first victory. I hope we can continue to show good performances in the future.”

Davor Carevic (NZL) — Head Coach

“We came unprepared. We only had four days’ preparation. Our main game was against South Africa (8-8). We don’t deserve to be in the top 12 where the results are 10-plus. In the second round we played Brazil (8-12) where we didn’t use our opportunities. Today we had to score, but didn’t. The match didn’t go our way for some reason.”

Sean Bryant (NZL) — One goal

“We didn’t bring our main game today. Korea was puffed up with the home crowd and we couldn’t finish it. The loss is pretty disappointing as we were two up in the final quarter. There were no favours given and it’s disappointing to finish 16th. We’re better than that. We have a bit to do, but it was a great experience.”


Match 32, 09.30, BRAZIL v KAZAKHSTAN
Results & Teams

Match 32, 9.30, KAZAKHSTAN 8 BRAZIL 9

Classification 13-14

Quarters: 3-3, 2-2, 1-2, 2-2

Referees: Nenad Peris (CRO), Frank Ohme (GER).

Extra man: KAZ: 5/5. BRA: 2/6.

Penalties: KAZ: 0/1. BRA: 2/2.

Shot conversion: KAZ: 8/23. BRA: 9/28.


KAZAKHSTAN: Pavel Lipilin, Yevgeniy Medvedev (2), Maxim Zhardan (2), Roman Pilipenko, Miras Aubakirov (1), Altay Altayev, Murat Shakenov, Yegor Berbelyuk, Stanislav Shvedov, Mikhail Ruday (2), Ravil Manafov, Yulian Verdesh (1), Valeriy Shlemov. Coach: Dejan Stanojevic.

BRAZIL: Slobodan Soro, Logan Cabral, Pedro Real (2), Gustavo Coutinho (1), Roberto Freitas (1), Guilherme Almeida, Rafael Real (3), Heitor Carrulo, Bernardo Rocha, Ruda Franco, Gustavo Guimaraes (2), Luis Silva, Joao Fernandes. Head Coach: Rick Azevedo.


Brazil warmed up for its Pan Am Games tilt and possible Olympic qualification with two wins the round 13-16, taking 13th. The team has been in heavy training and head coach Rick Azevedo said the two wins were helpful, but not essential. The teams could not be separated in the first half and Brazil took a one-goal lead into the last quarter, which became eight, thanks to Gustavo Guimaraes from the penalty line. Mikhail Ruday (deep right) and Yevgeniy Medvedev (extra-man attack) brought it to 8-8 at 1:59. Rafael Real made sure of victory with a withering shot from seven metres at 1:31. The play-off for 12-13th means both team have slipped in the rankings, with Brazil 12th two years ago and Kazakhstan 11th. Kazakhstan was also 12th in Kazan in 2015 and Brazil 14th in 2011.


Rick Azevedo (BRA) — Head coach

“I wasn’t worried about the Ws and the Ls but two Ws was nice (referring to wins and losses). Every game we made adjustments and we had probably one of the highest scoring percentages. We played more correctly and more exclusions at centre forward. I’m trying to change the mentality. We did a good job and we’re eliminating childish mistakes. We have to play more as a team and we are training heavily with weights and swimming, so when we stop that the arms will be less heavy and we’ll get more rest. Our aim is the Pan Ams. We had national championships and only finished on June 16. I didn’t get the guys until the 18th, so had three weeks preparation only. Most athletes arrived out of shape, despite the championships. It’s been a difficult road. We will now have three days of hard work and start tapering for our first match against Peru.”

Rafael Real (BRA) — Three goals

On finishing the championships with two wins: “I feel really good because for me the important point is to play the Pan American Games that we will play in about 10 days, and we are looking to three good wins to go to the Olympic Games. We start to feel good after matches and it’s good to finish with winning.”

Dejan Stanojevic (KAZ) — Head Coach

“The tournament had been organised to a high level with practice balls, water and all the facilities. Today, we made basic tactical mistakes with bad passing allowing them goals. Two goals (they scored) we practised not to shoot from this position. Brazil was more physical than us, but we were faster. It was the small things. All the best to Brazil for the Pan Ams. Now we will prepare for the Olympic Games Qualification Tournament.”

Match 33, 11:00, MONTENEGRO 14 JAPAN 7
Results & Teams


Match 33, 11:00, MONTENEGRO 14 JAPAN 7

Classification 9-12 Semifinals

Quarters: 3-2, 4-1, 4-3, 3-1

Referees: German Moller (ARG), Alessandro Severo (ITA).

Extra man: MNE:  

Penalties: MNE:

Shot conversion: MNE:


MONTENEGRO: Dejan Lazovic, Drasko Brguljan (1), Duro Radovic, Marko Petkovic, Uros Cuckovic (1), Aleksa Ukropina (1), Mladan Janovic (1), Bogdan Durdic, Aleksandar Ivovic (3), Vladan Spaic (2), Dragan Draskovic (2), Nikola Murisic (3), Slaven Kandic. Head Coach: Vladimir Gojkovic.

JAPAN: Katsuyuki Tanamura, Seiya Adachi (1), Haruki Koppu (1), Mitsuaki Shiga, Takuma Yoshida (), Atsuto IIda, Yusuke Shimizu (1), Mitsuru Takata, Atsushi Arai (2), Yusuke Inaba (2), Keigo Okawa, Kenta Araki, Tomoyoshi Fukushima. Coach: Yoji Omoto.



Montenegro — a shock 13-11 victim of the Aussie Sharks in the second round — made sure of making the 9-10 play-off with a controlled, building result. Montenegro led 3-2 at the quarter, shifted to 7-3 at halftime and a commanding 11-6 at the final break. Aleksandar Ivovic was in fine fettle with three goals to add to the 12 he already had. Japan needed to play catch-up water polo and gained two from counter-attack, its favourite means of scoring. Nikola Murisic fired in three to take his tally to seven for the tournament. Montenegro finished fourth in Budapest two years ago and was looking for another medal match in Gwangju, so a possible ninth would equal its lowest effort at Rome in 2009. As Serbia & Montenegro, it took out the title in 2005 after claiming bronze in 2003.


Aleksandar Ivovic (MNE) — Three goals

“For us this game is not important. We expected a better result than the 11th place. We are so sad because in the last 10 years we’d made good results: We were the second best team in the 2018 FINA World League. We came here to make better results, but this is very disappointing. 

Yoji Omoto (JPN) — Head Coach

“We played very well on defence with our press and consequently we had so many counter-attacks. However, we were not able to pass the ball to the dangerous zone so that’s why we couldn’t score. Montenegro scored four goals on extra-man (attack) and we committed exclusion fouls, which we tried not to do and especially the first-goal lob, which you must be able to expect. We couldn’t score as much as we could have. Before the Olympic Games we must fix this problem.”

Yusuke Inaba (JPN) — Two goals

“The Montenegro players are not only big and strong, but also they are very fast as well as have very good skills. In the first half I didn’t have as many shooting opportunities, but in the second half I got more opportunities to shoot, but, of course, I couldn’t score as many as I wanted. Still, I was able to complete very difficult shots. Therefore, for me it was a very good experience.”

Results & Teams


Classification 9-12 Semifinals

Quarters: 5-0, 8-1, 5-2, 2-0

Referees: Jeremy Cheng (SGP), Daniel Flahive (AUS).

Extra man: USA: 9/15. RSA: 0/3.

Penalties: USA: 2/2. RSA: 1/2.

Shot conversion: USA: 20/34. RSA: 3/31.


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Alexander Wolf, Johnathan Hooper (2), Marko Vavic, Alexander Obert, Benjamin Hallock (4), Luca Cupido (1), Hannes Daube (2), Matthew Farmer (1), Alexander Bowen (4), Chancellor Ramirez (1), Jesse Smith (1), Maxwell Irving (4), Drew Holland. Head Coach: Dejan Udovicic.


If extra-man statistics confirmed the result of a match, then USA’s nine from 15 would have gone a long way to doing this. South Africa had fewer chances and could not breach the line once. South Africa had the shots (31), but accuracy, power and the ability to out-think the goalkeeper are mandatory in winning matches at this level. USA was a team very capable of making the top eight while South Africa is enjoying being in the 12 and will need to lift immensely if it is to compete with Japan on Thursday. USA has the game to match it with Montenegro in the play-off for ninth. Ben Hallock scored some brilliant centre-forward goals and Alex Bowen was dominant in close on the side. South Africa scored one of its two penalty attempts.


Matt Farmer (USA) — Two months on the USA senior team and a goal scorer

“It’s a really good experience and the athletes and guys on the coaching staff have been most welcoming. Getting in the water to play players of a such a high level and test the defenders is amazing.” He is the only player on the team to hail from Chicago.

Ben Hallock (USA) — Four goals

“My team feels good. Obviously super tough, lost to Greece in the crossover game a couple of days ago. We were really disappointed with the result of that game, but we’re not the team-members who can show up the next game and go to work, so we can’t feel sorry for ourselves. We had a nice game today and there were few things we could’ve done better, but it was a good game overall.”

Etienne Le Roux (RSA) — Captain

“That was very tough. I think a small loss of concentration cost us some goals, but it showed us very positive signs to go to the next game. We fed them a couple of times. You know they were very physical fast team to play against. They have a very smart way of conveying defence into attacks. All in all, it was a very nice game, very friendly game to play.”

Donn Stewart (RSA)

We started terribly and changed the game plan in the second half and we went much better. Now we play Japan, which is a much more mobile side and we have to stop their counter-attack. They’ve been competing well against the best in the world and the best they can do is11th or 12th.”

Match 35, 14:00, SERBIA 9 SPAIN 12
Results & Teams

Match 35, 14:00, SERBIA 9 SPAIN 12

Classification 1-8 Quarterfinals

Quarters: 1-2, 2-5, 4-3, 2-2

Referees: Georgios Stavridis (GRE), Michiel Zwart (NED).

Extra man: SRB: 6/13. ESP: 3/9.

Penalties: SRB: ESP: 1/1.

Shot conversion: SRB: 9/27. ESP 12/31.


SERBIA: Strajo Risticevic, Dusan Mandic, Viktor Rasovic, Sava Randjelovic, Milos Cuk, Djordje Lazic, Nemanja Vico (1), Nikola Dedovic (1), Nikola Jaksic (1), Radomir Drasovic (1), Ognjen Stojanovic (1), Strahinja Rasovic (4), Lazar Dobozanov. Coach: Dejan Savic.

SPAIN: Daniel Lopez, Alberto Munarriz (2), Alvaro Granados (1), Miguel De Toro (1), Sergi Cabanas (1), Marc Larumbe (1), Alberto Barroso (1), Francisco Fernandez (2), Roger Tahull (2), Felipe Perrone, Blai Mallarach (1), Alejandro Bustos, Eduardo Lorrio. Coach: David Martin.


Spain did what everyone thought could happen — someone would beat Serbia. Spain was the team to do it and to go 6-1 up and finish the match three goals ahead, shows just what a psychological boost those early goals can make to the match’s progress. Serbia left seven top players at home and head coach Dejan Savic brought his possible line-up for the 2004 Olympics. He expected a better result, especially from this match. At 6-1 up, Spain marched to 7-2 and closed the half 7-3. Serbia had the better of the second half and pulled back to 10-7 by the last break. There was the possibility that his new-look team could force a penalty shootout. However, Francisco Fernandez plugged the gap after a rebound fell his way early in the fourth and Spain was back to a four-goal margin. Strahinja Rasovic scored from deep left for his fourth to push his Gwangju tally to 11 at 6:09. There was still a mathematical chance. There was a drought for five minutes and Sergi Cabanas broke the dam with the 12-8 score at 1:14. Nikola Dedovic narrowed it by one in the last 16 seconds, but it was too little, too late. Spanish goalkeeper Daniel Lopez was on fire with 12 saves.


David Martin (ESP) — Head Coach

“We have a big chance in the semifinals to fight for a medal. This is a very important win for Spanish water polo. We last played together at the 2009 World Championships in Rome when I was playing. Spain made defence very tactical. We must stop the important Serbian player, Dusan Mandic, as he is the key to their team. We managed to close Mandic down. Our man up was not good, but our man down was excellent. My players played like a team. The goalkeeper kept all the team, close for us. We know we must beat Germany or Croatia. I think we play Croatia as it is the best team of the tournament. They have a dangerous team, centre forwards, left handers and (Andro) Buslje is very strong. It is a team very fast, very tactical on defence and attack. Now is the moment for Spain. The feeling of the players is very good. We want gold.”

Felipe Perrone (ESP) — Captain

“This was my ninth championships. As the captain of the team, I’m trying to give my team-mates my experience in the tournaments. My first World Championship was in 2001, so every tournament is history, and you learnt some feelings that you must have that kind of game in the beginning, and then when we’re together, I try to give them this confidence. I love this sport. We are like a minority sport, like swimming. When we are trained, no one sees you being trained. You play many games when no one sees them, and then comes a big time like this, and this is the time when you remember every session and what makes you win a game.”

Dejan Savic (SRB) — Head Coach

“We lost it in the first two periods. We played without head in the early stages in the face of the attack. In the third and fourth we ran up to the result with no success. Congratulations to Spain. We prepared (for the match) with more efficacy in attack. That was the difference on how we used to play at the best moments, but we didn’t. This has helped for next year (Tokyo 2000). This is the team for 2024. We grew up in this tournament without the result. It was not quite as expected (despite seven of his best players rested at home). Now we know where we are and have the realisation what we can do better.”

Strahinja Rasovic (SRB) — Four goals 

“Congratulations to Spain. I think they deserve to win today. This time we started with some pressure and weren’t relaxed in the first two quarters. We were scared; I don’t know why. We scored some goals, minus three, but we couldn’t defend. We needed two, three, four defences in a row to keep the game. But at the end we didn’t do defence well and there wasn’t enough time.”

Match 36, 15:30, CROATIA 10 GERMANY 8
Results & Teams


Match 36, 15:30, CROATIA 10 GERMANY 8

Classification 1-8 Quarterfinals

Quarters: 1-2, 3-1, 3-3, 3-2

Referees: Michael Goldenberg (USA), Stanko Ivanovski (MNE).

Extra man: CRO: 4/7. GER: 2/9.

Penalties: CRO: 2/2. GER: 1/1.

Shot conversion: CRO: 10/31. GER: 8/26.


CROATIA: Marko Bijac, Marco Macan, Loren Fatovic, Luka Loncar, Maro Jokovic (3), Hrvoje Benic (1), Ante Vukicevic (2), Andro Buslje (2), Lovre Milos, Josip Vrlic (1), Andelo Setka (1), Javier Garcia, Ivan Marcelic. Coach: Ivica Tucak.

GERMANY: Moritz Schenkel,Ben Riebel (1), Timo van der Bosch, Julian Real (2), Tobias Preuss, Maurice Jungling, Denis Strelezkij (1), Lukas Gielen (3), Marko Stamm, Mateo Cuk (1), Marin Restovic, Dennis Eidner, Kevin Gotz. Head Coach: Hagen Stamm.



With Serbia out of the top four, there are two places up for grabs to qualify for next year’s Tokyo Olympics. That means the finalists in Gwangju will get the free pass. Croatia, as the defending champion and downright favourite to retain the crown, wants one, Spain wants one, too. However, Germany thought at one stage it could be in the mix. It played with an Olympian zeal and took the game by the scruff in the first quarter and had the match tied at three late in the second quarter. Big man Andro Buslje sent one in from the near post to give his team the edge and grabbed another after the restart to start the landslide of goals. Two more came and there was a sudden change in the tenor of the match. Germany was not out of the game and the top four seemed so close, so much so that in the next five minutes of play, Germany nailed four goals to level at seven. Maro Jokovic thought that was not desirable and he fired in two quick goals to bring up his third of the match and 10th for the tournament. Julian Real responded at 5:06 to make Croatian eyes water. But in the end an extra-man goal from Josip Vrlic with 3:31 left on the clock was enough to seal the deal and send Croatia to the top four and Germany to the round 5-8. Croatia’s superior extra-man-attack count, the five extra shots and the blasting arm of Jokovic made all the difference. All power to Germany for dreaming that anything is possible. Croatia did not expect to expend so much energy ahead of the semifinals and will need to recover quickly before the semifinal match-up with Spain.



Ivica Tucak (CRO) — Head Coach

“It was a very, very hard, difficult game for us. We did not expect a game like this. We must forget it. It was important because now we are in the semifinals — this is our highway.”

Maro Jokovic (CRO) — Three goals 

“From this game I think the only thing we can be satisfied with is that we win a victory and are going to the semifinals. We weren’t at the level we were expected to be. Germany was very aggressive, very good swimmers and they punished every mistake we made. This could be a great warning for the semifinals — not to take anyone easily and all it takes now is for us to see what we did wrong in the game to prepare for the semifinals.”

Hagen Stamm (GER) — Head Coach

“Two equal teams and we missed some extra-mans; two mistakes on defence that led to the loss. We are of the same level.” On Germany’s chance of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics: “We have the European Championships and we have to finish top eight to go to the Olympic Games Qualification Tournament. It’s horrible to qualify for the Olympics from Europe. Maybe I’ll try to put us in Asia perhaps!”

Marko Stamm (GER)

“We had a good chance and also went up with one goal, and then we missed it; two easy goals from our mistakes. Every time we made a mistake, they scored, and that’s why they won the game today. If you want to be this level, you need to be on the highest you can be, but we couldn’t make it today. I think we’re improving our games. Now step by step, hopefully, we can do better and better and also the qualification for the Olympics, so we will see.”

Match 37, 17:00, HUNGARY 10 AUSTRALIA 9
Results & Teams

Match 37, 17:00, HUNGARY 10 AUSTRALIA 9

Classification 1-8 Quarterfinals

Quarters: 3-3, 2-3, 3-1, 2-2

Referees: Arkadiy Voevodin (RUS), Vojin Putnikovic (SRB).

Extra man: HUN: 4/14. AUS: 6/14.

Penalties: HUN: 1/1.

Shot conversion: HUN: 10/33. AUS: 9/33.


HUNGARY: Viktor Nagy, Daniel Angyal, Krisztian Manhercz (1), Gergo Zalanki (3), Marton Vamos (3), Tamas Mezei, Tamas Sedlmayer (1), Szilard Jansik (1), Zoltan Pohl, Denes Varga (1), Bence Batori, Balazs Harai, Soma Vogel. Coach: Tamas Marcz.

AUSTRALIA: Joel Dennerley, Richard Campbell, George Ford (1), Joseph Kayes (2), Nathan Power (2), Lachlan Edwards (2), Aidan Roach (2), Aaron Younger, Andrew Ford, Timothy Putt, Rhys Howden, Blake Edwards, Anthony Hrysanthos. Coach: Elvis Fatovic.


It all came down to the last four seconds in a match where both teams were even and either team could gain the prize of a trip to the semifinals. Luck did not ride the way of the Aussie Sharks who were denied a penalty attempt in the last 10 seconds when Joe Kayes drove to within a metre of the goal-face and was impeded under the new rules. However, the referee decided it was not a penalty; Hungary called a timeout in the mayhem that followed, gave the ball to Marton Vamos and he speared the ball past Joel Dennerley for victory at four seconds.

Australian head coach Elvis Fatovic was still remonstrating with the referees about the non-call, but the match was lost and the chance for the top four gone. Hungary began with a 2-1 break before Australia levelled, went ahead and Hungary equalised for 3-3 at the break. Hungary went to 4-3 and Australia overtook Hungary for 6-4 by halftime. It was soon 6-6 and 7-6 for the Aussies, however Hungary had the three-quarter lead at 8-7. It became 9-7 to Hungary and then 9-9 as Joe Kayes scored on extra-man attack. With the match evenly poised, the drama of the final minute disrupted what was an excellent encounter. Both teams took the lead three times. Hungarian captain Denes Varga made a rare visit to the pool after breaking a little finger in the opening match against New Zealand. He came in after Kayes scored his first goal, went left of the pool and then from 12m loaded his Magnum and fired the ball past Dennerley for 7-7. His obvious delight at being involved at a critical time was evident.


Photos: Istvan Derencsenyi


Tamas Marcz (HUN) — Head Coach

“The Australian team was playing so well through the game. They are a very controlled team. It was not easy as they have a style of game playing two centre forwards and had a lot of extra-man (situations) we had to defend. We were prepared for this situation. We needed all players and even Denes Varga got into the game (his first since breaking a little finger against New Zealand on day one of the men’s competition). I am happy with all the tournament as it’s not easy to get into the best four. It is very balanced in international water polo and there are no easy matches in the quarterfinals.”

Tamas Sedlmayer (HUN) — Goal scorer 

“The game turned out as we had hoped. We didn’t have a good start of the game, but in the end we scored one or two important goals. Our hearts were in the right place. We won the quarterfinals and finally we can go to the semifinals.”

Elvis Fatovic (AUS) — Head Coach

On the non-call of penalty on Joe Kayes in the final minute while in front of the goal: “The same situation occurred against Montenegro when our centre forward was in front, it was a clear exclusion obviously, but it’s not the same for everyone.” On the match: “We still made mistakes in a game like this. It was a team effort and the game was so close. We began so well and then they started to score. They have great shooters.”

Joel Dennerley (AUS) — Goalkeeper

“It was a tough game and we are very disappointed to finish like that. We win it all the way to the end of the game. Ewe had our opportunities and played strong in attack. We will have to review what happened.”

Match 38, 18:30, ITALY 7 GREECE 6
Results & Teams

Match 38, 18:30, ITALY 7 GREECE 6

Classification 1-8 Quarterfinals

Quarters: 2-2, 2-1, 2-3, 1-0

Referees: Boris Margeta (SLO), Adrian Alexandrescu (ROU).

Extra man: ITA: 3/10. GRE: 5/12.

Penalties: Nil

Shot conversion: ITA: 7/29. GRE: 6/29


ITALY: Marco Del Lungo, Francesco Di Fulvio (2), Stefano Luongo (2), Pietro Figlioli (1), Edoardo Di Somma, Alessandro Velotto (1), Vincenzo Renzuto, Gonzalo Echinque, Niccolo Figari (1), Alexandre Bodegas, Matteo Aicardi, Vincenzo Dolce, Gianmarco Nicosia. Head Coach: Alessandro Campagna.

GREECE: Emmanouil Zervedas, Konstaninos Genidounias (2), Dimitrios Skoumpakis, Alexandros Papanastasiou,Ioannis Fountoulis (1), Marios Kapotsis, Georgios Dervisis, Stylianos Argyropoulos, Konstantinos Mourikis, Christodoulos Kolomvos  (1), Alexandros Gounas (2), Angelos Vlachopoulos, Konstantinos Galanidis. Head Coach: Theodoros Vlachos.


Italy beat Greece in the second one-goal quarterfinal and earned a semifinal match-up with Hungary. Greece could not finish off what was a major opportunity as it led 2-1 in the first quarter, 6-5 in the third only to see Italy come through for the win. It was Francesco Di Fulvio who scored the winner at 6:50 in the final period with a long, blistering shot from outside. The fouls were relatively even and Greece managed two more goals than Italy on extra-man attack. It was a match of grinding up and down, peppering the crossbar or jamming it into the goalkeepers. Both had double figures with Marco Del Lungo (ITA) taming 11 and Emmanouil Zervedas (GRE) blocking 10. For all the effort Greece put into the match it could not force a penalty shootout.


Alessandro Campagna ITA) — Head Coach

“It was a hard game, like all the quarterfinals. We played fantastic defence. We defended with heart and power from the beginning to the end. We can play much better. In the aspect of motion it was a great match. We managed a good final.” On playing Hungary in the semifinals: “Hungary is like Brazil in football. It will be a great game.”

Stefano Luongo (ITA) — Two goals 

“It was a very tough game. We fought very well. In the middle of the game, we were down, but we tried and played better and better, so we can take home the result. Greece is an always-great team with great players, shooters, and good vision. Playing against them is always a great show for the public.”

Theodoros Vlachos (GRE) — Head Coach

“It was not the best game of the day; not quality. Italia played with more passion at the important moments, their goalkeeper and the six-metre shot by (Francesco) Di Fulvio — he is a great player. The last quarter, we couldn’t score. We wanted to fight, but made many, many mistakes.”

Alexandros Gounas (GRE) — Two goals 

“I think the problem was with not only offence, but also with defence. We made some critical mistakes at some very critical moments. In these kinds of games, such mistakes must not happen. I hope we learn from these mistakes and don’t do it again in the future.” 

Gwangju, South Korea.— Spain will face world champion Croatia and Hungary will front against Italy in the semifinals of the FINA World Championship men's water polo tournament on Thursday at the Nambu University Grounds in Gwangju.


Hosszu writes history with 4th straight 200m IM title as McNeil upsets Sjostrom

Sarah Sjostrom could have been the first female swimmer ever to win four consecutive titles in the same event but the Swedish superstar was upset by Canada’s Margaret McNeil in the 100m fly. Thus, half an hour later it was Katinka Hosszu who achieved this historical feat in the 200m IM. Even more remarkably, on the international stage Hosszu’s unbeaten run stands at 61 races in this event.

World Championships 2019
Gwangju (KOR)