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New Zealand maintained its winning margin record against South Africa with a 14-7 victory on day two of the women’s competition. The teams had met just once before with the Kiwis a 12-5 winner at the 2009 World Championships — the only previous encounter between these two countries at the major FINA events.New Zealand’s victory was built on aggression and accurate shooting with Kirsten Hudson and Alexandra Myles on fire with four goals each. New Zealand had the luxury of counter attack as a potent weapon, especially in the second half as the South Africans started to tire. New Zealand also had the better of the extra-man attack and looked stronger around the field.

The score could have been much different if South Africa did not have the excellent rearguard form of goalkeeper Anke Jacobs, who made 11 saves from 24 attempts.

New Zealand had the edge at the quarter and a healthy three-goal margin by halftime. Myles struck twice in the third and the first of the fourth period for 10-4, which proved an unattainable peak for South Africa to climb.

Significantly for both teams this was a close match between teams who are not expected to make the top eight. In previous tournaments 9-12 play off for positions but in Barcelona it is just an early visit to the grandstands as their competitions will be over after four days. Their chance for three days of close matches are not to be.

Match 9: 09:30, Group B, SOUTH AFRICA 7 NEW ZEALAND 14
Quarters: 3-5, 1-3, 1-3, 3-4
Referees: Radoslaw Koryzna (POL), Petar Abramovic (MNE).
Extra Man: RSA: 1/3. NZL: 3/7.
Pens: RSA: ½.

SOUTH AFRICA: Anke Jacobs, Kimberley Schmidt, Kieren Paley, Christ Rawstrom, Megan Schooling, Taryn Schooling (1), Kimberley Kay (2), Lee-Anne Keet, Delaine Christian, Marcelle Keet (1), Lindsay Killeen, Kelsey White (3), Thembelihle Mkhize. Head Coach: Brad Rowe.
NEW ZEALAND: Brooke Millar, Emily Cox, Kelly Mason (1), Nicole Lewis (1), Alexandra Boyd, Lynlee Smith, Sarah Landry (2), Danielle Lewis (1), Lauren Sieprath, Casie Bowry, Kirsten Hudson (4), Alexandra Myles (4), Ianetta Hutchinson. Head Coach: Attila Biro.
Match Report:


Christy Rawstron (RSA):
“In the first quarter we missed many shots and there was a lot of room in the game. We need to play more like a team to be more efficient. We are getting better and I can tell now that South Africa will be in the top teams in the future because we have good training facilities. We are proud that our sport is developing strong in our country and is broadcast live on a main South African TV channel.”

Delaine Cristian (RSA):
“The defence was the key of the match. I consider that we are good in that aspect of the game.”

Danielle Lewis (NZL):
“The turning point of this match was the third period, on the ninth goal when we got a lead of five goals.  At that time we were working very hard as a team.”